Who invented the Arbre magique


Arbre magique

The tree most commonly found on cars worldwide was invented in 1951 by Julius Sämann, a Swiss entrepreneur who emigrated in Watertown, New York, and passionate aroma of Canadian forests, where he had lived for some time.
Its original name was Little Trees and managed to establish itself on the market thanks to cellophane that enveloped him and the rope which was used to hang it anywhere.


First of Little Trees fact there other products that allowed to scent the environment, but they were oily and difficult to handle.
The first model developed by Sämann not depicted a tree, but a pin-up.
Following the entrepreneur decided to create the famous pine for reasons of utility: thanks to the tips of the branches, in fact, the cellophane is retained around

Arbre magique ,allowing it to maintain unchanged its aroma even for seven weeks.