The Earth will be hit by a meteorite between 22 and 28 September?

The Earth will be hit by a meteorite between 22 and 28 September

“the thesis shock a British university.

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LONDON – “The Earth could be wiped out by a meteorite in less than a week.”

The thesis shock comes from a group of scientists coordinated by Professor Robert Walsh, executive director of research at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.

As reported by the Mirror, the scholar argues that there could be an imminent threat to our planet and therefore for our lives.

The research does not establish the exact date of the alleged apocalypse, but the researchers could take place between 22 and 28 September.

In those days the Earth it could be subject to a shower of meteorites, earthquakes and tnunami.

According to Professor Walsh would be real danger, since over the millennia our planet would have been hit several times by meteorites giants.

“Like what would have caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

Not all.

The English teacher reminds the asteroid that fell in Siberia in 2013, resulting in an unprecedented show.

However NASA does not at all agree with the theory of Professor Walsh. On the contrary. Belie predictions of apocalypse, saying that if there was indeed a nearby asteroid so large that destroy the Earth, the tools would have already detected.