Do you know the history of the bite of Carolina

La conosci la storia del morso di Carolina?


By: Gabriella Cundari.

Carolina and Ferdinand, Neapolitan sovereign, had as many as 17 children, although only 4 survived their parents.

Carolina could not stand these repeated pregnancies and he took it with her husband, also with reactions wrathful agitated.

So King Ferdinand described in a letter to his father, Charles III the reaction of his wife when, three months after the birth of his son Carlo, he realized he was pregnant again:

“..Diventò A fury, he jumped like a dog over and took my hand in his mouth likewise so they still carry the signs … at the table did even worse, calling all the maids who are spinsters, who else could not see that she was screaming like an eagle with terms likewise nothing decent and I dropped his head was feeling these compliments without even opening his mouth “

Moral of the story: Who is incollerisce one gets only damage for himself and pregnancy touched anyway in Carolina, although Ferdinand took briefly the bite marks on his arm …

Ed. Cuoppo: foil tapered, curved tile, fishing net, again from late Latin cuppam. Anger made Cuoppo is a feeling … crumpled!

Lineage: that bursts, derived from the Latin plattus (turn from greek) plus the “s” deprivativa, which gives a sense of something that inflates and then bursts. But, in this case, it does it in itself, that is in the body.