Curiosity Web: There ‘a woman on Mars, the strange pictures of nasa, travel the world


A recent article in the New York Times, shows an interesting image of the surface of Mars, which cause a stir because of the presence of some possible anomalies.

In fact, most of the objects in the images of Mars that are published on the Internet are reported by some to be “abnormal”, in straight line ‘some scholars argue that there may be a grain of truth.

Still, it’s fun to see these images they want to demonstrate the possibility of the existence of complex life on Mars.

House Alien? From these pictures, it seems there is a woman standing on a cliff top, with long hair, wearing a suit, watching the probe.

Just above, it is an impression that leads to something similar to a cockpit with a lever at the top. And next, it is something that looks like a small building or a tent. Logo on the left, there seems to be a painting on the wall (hello?).